Submitting an Express Claim

If you are insured with us through a broker, please contact your broker in the first instance who will lodge your claim. They will manage your claim for you, with our help.

If you are a direct customer of Tower, then please complete the Express Claims Form and email the completed form to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can call us on 01624 645900 and our Claims team will help you with the Express Claim.

If the payment needs to be paid to another party (someone else other than the policyholder), then a Payment Authorisation Mandate will also need to be completed

*Business working hours - Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm


Benefits to Tower’s Customers

  • We aim to settle suitable Express claim by BACS within 24 hours.
  • Should the claim be unsuitable for express handing, the claim will be registered and acknowledged within 24 hours with a clear indication on the next steps to progress towards a settlement.

Standard Claims Form will need to be completed in the event that your claim is not eligible for Express Claims handling.


Suitable and unsuitable express claims


What is a ‘suitable Express claim’?

  • Value of the Claim is up to £3,500
  • Customer provides all required information when notifying the claim.


What is an ‘unsuitable Express claim’?

  • Value of the Claim is over £3,500
  • Claim is reported but does not have the required information to validate the claim
  • Claims requiring the attendance of either our Claims Investigator or Cleaning/Drying Specialist
  • Structural damage claims.


What you'll need to submit an Express Claim

The following information is required to submit an Express Claim:

  • Policy number
  • Loss details – date, location, circumstance, damage that has occurred and/or items that have been lost
  • Any supporting documentation for ownership and/or value of lost or damaged items worth in excess of £250
  • Confirmation on whether the policyholder is responsible for the loss or damage under the terms of a lease (or other similar contractual agreement)
  • Payee details (BACS information), including email address for payee and VAT status (including a signed mandate if paying someone other than the policyholder)
  • Details of any third party who may have been responsible for causing the damage
  • Crime reference number where an item has been lost or stolen
  • Estimate for repair or replacement(s) should be on letter headed paper and contain;
    - Contractors contact details
    - Itemised costs for materials, parts and labour
    - Overview of work being carried out
    - Confirmation of cause of damage where applicable;
    - Where practical, some clear photos of the damage and/or uneconomical repair damage report.