Businesses are at risk 24 hours a day, whether they are opened for trade or not. Some trade activities are naturally high-risk, thus giving a greater chance of a claim occuring, potentially a serious one.

Tower Insurance in conjunction with our parent company RSA have a suite of documents and services aimed at commercial businesses to assist risk management controls. Our capabilities include a range of technical consultancy to keep the business moving, safeguarding assets, people and reputations.

Recent changes in the Ogden Discount Rate has made good quality risk management critical. Trades with motor, liability and personal accident/injury exposures are at risk from insurers rate increases as they deal with the significant elevation in claims costs. This has now made the implementation and work around health & safety and risk management controls key, as they could aid soften the impact of these rises. Both vehicle fleets and commercial businesses now have access to these services, which range from simple checklists to full indepth risk surveys and consultations, bespoke to your clients requirements and business activities.

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Tower Insurance Fleetshield Risk Management

Tower Insurance / RSA Risk Management