Insurance Claims

Had an accident? Has your property been lost or damaged? Has the unthinkable happened? We know you bought insurance to protect you in such circumstances. Our objective is to make sure you feel it was money well spent. So how do you make a claim with Tower Insurance?

If you are insured with us through a broker, speak to them first. They will manage the claim for you.

If you are insured direct with us, you can:

  • Visit us - If it is convenient, why not pop into our office in Douglas. Our claims team are based here and available during normal office hours.
  • Call us – 01624 645900. We can deal with most things on the phone as well.
  • Write to us – folder Complete one of our claims forms  and send us the estimates. If we need anything else, we’ll give you a call or write to you.

Our promise to you:

  • We will deal with your claim locally – everything from first notification to issuing a cheque is dealt with from our office in Douglas.
  • We will deal with your claim as quickly and efficiently as we can.
  • We will treat you as a real person, not an inconvenience.
  • We will deal with your claim in accordance with your policy.

What happens if....

Your car is damaged:
We have 3 recommended repairers locally. Just give us a call and we will arrange for one of them to look at your car for you. If you are comprehensively insured, you are entitled to a courtesy car whilst yours is being repaired. You even get a lifetime guarantee on all paint and body work carried out by our recommended repairers. We also have a local motor engineer on hand if we need to inspect your car.

If you have an accident in certain European Countries, you may need to complete a European Accident Statement, to ensure that you record all of the required information to progress a claim. If you are travelling abroad, use the attached link if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an incident.

European Accident Statements

Your property is damaged, lost or stolen:
We deal with most claims ourselves – even the larger ones. If something more significant has happened, give us a call as soon as possible. If necessary, we will come out to see you ourselves. And because we have good relationships with many local contractors, we often know who is best placed to help you with repairs.

Whatever type of claim it may be, if we need to send you payment, we will do it as soon as possible after we have agreed settlement with you. We know we can do this, because all payments are issued locally, from our office in Douglas.